Soil Boring Clearings

Many Phase I and Phase II sites require soil sampling methods to conduct groundwater investigations and soil boring clearing is an added precaution during the due diligence aspect of these operations. Predominantly serving the civil and geotechnical industries, TeaCo will conduct utility locating prior to the advancement of mechanical devices into the subsurface in order to provide a decreased likelihood of a potential costly strike; while insuring a higher level of jobsite safety to projects. An integrated geophysical survey approach is taken to identify potential subsurface targets actively or passively with the aid of an electromagnetic detector (EM), acoustic locating, or ground penetrating radar (GPR) as required for any given site. Our geophysical wireline logging service can provide slimhole gamma ray logs through Geoprobe rods if additionally desired.

Soil Borings

  • Invasive & Destructive methods
  • Merely produce point measurements
  • Average borehole costs range dramatically on environmental sites
  • $1500 and upwards per borehole depending on Scope Of Work
  • Most TeaCo Soil Boring Clearances average $1500 for 15 borings
  • Small sites require 2-3 boreholes
  • Larger sites may require 50-75 plus boreholes