UST & Septic Tank Mapping

In many instances TeaCo’s clients are required to invasively evaluate properties prior to transfer of ownership; or as required by environmental monitoring and spill management policies set by governmental regulators, and industry alike. In many instances new or additional monitoring wells may be required at high risk sites where hazardous substances are stored. A primary responsibility of the client is to ensure a potential site is free from objects in the subsurface that can be costly to remediate.

The EPA requires files to be kept on the installation and excavation of Underground Storage Tanks (USTs), and many times there are no records of the installation or excavation of these storage tanks requiring the sites to be surveyed.

In addition to locating UST’s, we are able to locate associated product and vent lines within the area of concern. TeaCo Field technicians have the ability to identify objects under or concealed by concrete. Surveys conducted on concrete reveal such information as; rebar spacing, thickness of materials, and depth to location of tank vault. Technicians can mark on site the location of tanks, vaults, piping, and other associated engineered structures prior to the onset of invasive operations.


We also work with Environmental Companies for larger commercial non-destructive testing geophysical applications.

UST Cross Section 3 Tanks Present