Serving the needs of Mississippi and adjoining states!

Stakeholders have a reasonable expectation that those companies providing services like utility locating &mapping, underground storage tank (UST) detection, and concrete scanning technologies have the training and technical ability to provide integrated geophysical services as required and in a timely manner. TeaCo is confident we can meet or exceed your needs within Mississippi and adjoining states with needs that vary from private third party utility locating & AutoCAD mapping, to cemeteries, to clearing soil boring test holes prior to drilling. Click below to see individual service options


Ground Penetrating Radar detects and maps buried objects in the subsurface based upon the differences in a given material’s electrical properties. This method is effective in detecting engineered structures in the subsurface allowing stakeholders to make spatial interpretations of unrelated structures under the ground.

Geophysical Wireline Well Logging

Servicing the geotechnical, environmental, and water well industries in the southeast TeaCo performs open and cased hole electrical geophysical logs to meet your needs. Results are used for geological, stratigraphical, and environmental characterizations on new and existing historic wellbores.