At TeaCo - Geophysical we have been meeting our clients� needs for the past 8 years and are grateful for our clients. We have accumulated a diversified portfolio of services for our architecture, construction, civil engineering, real estate, and environmental clients. Recently, we added geophysical electric logging for both open and cased borings, we are particularly proud of this service and we provide to the water well industry. As part of the service, we have a registered professional geologist that performs various aquifer testing services, in conjunction with the geophysical electric logging. Regardless of the scope of work we aim to tailor our services to meet the unique need of each client. TeaCo Geophysical was one of the first companies in Mississippi to focus exclusively on geophysics. This focus has allowed us to gain specialized experience and knowledge that we apply towards real solutions at our clients sites. We routinely bring this proven experience and knowledge to bear on our clients projects helping them to deliver successful projects to their clients on time and on budget. We provide our services with competitive pricing that is typically lower than our competitors within our market area.

        TeaCo Geophysical, LLC was formed in July of 2007 with the vision of providing clients a safe, non-invasive, non-destructive option for the inspection of shallow subsurface conditions through the use of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR). In 2011, TeaCo diversified business options to include the ability to perform geophysical electric logging of water, observation, monitor, and injection wells in the Southeastern States. Due to our continued successful growth, TeaCo further diversified in 2013, by adding a high frequency GPR data acquisition platform. This high frequency GPR has the ability to perform concrete structure scanning to detect structural components, voids, spalling, and cracking of engineered concrete structures up to 36� in thickness. TeaCo�s vision for future growth is centered on providing information related to the subsurface geophysical aspects associated with ALTA surveys, Subsurface Utility Mapping (SUM), and Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) in a georeferenced format of the client�s choice, such as AutoCAD. We strictly adhere to the American Society of Civil Engineers standard (ASCE 38-02) that deals with the four levels of due diligence when mapping utilities and can provide service at any of the levels. We are pursuing this vision by providing these services now to our existing clients� projects with a typical turnaround of about 24-36 hours upon completion of field services.