Geophysical Cemetery Mapping

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In a nutshell the population of the US is growing older with the vast majority of the baby boomers currently in their later days with retirement on the immediate horizon. A growing concern we have experienced recently is that real estate for expansion is considerably expensive and cemetery operators are looking for ways to maximize real estate they currently own, making a perfect match for GPR. In many of our applications the work has been at historic burial grounds which rarely have permanent records. GPR data acquisition creates a permanent digital record of subsurface conditions and targets that are easily mapped in post acquisition software packages that deliver a permanently georeferenced, fully scalable end product that is totally compatible with current GIS software packages available on the commercial market.

Our technicians have vast experience in mapping cemetery sites for a diverse group of clientele. We have made simple plan maps the display that location of burials for individual families concerned with space available within family burial plots. Many of these applications have been much more aligned with assisting governmental agencies concerned with archives and history at long forgotten cemeteries located in the southeastern States.

There are instances where GPR has been applied at National Military Cemeteries for the purpose of verifying the proper alignment of burial crypts, identifying spaces available in otherwise congested areas, and delineating subsurface obstructions prior to construction efforts begin. TeaCo considers this to be a great honor to help our fallen veterans rest at peace among their comrades and will continue to proudly work to make their families and loved ones proud. GPR is a perfect match for National Military Cemeteries and Parks. GPR applications on the front side allow for proper mitigation of subsurface conditions prior to and during construction, has the ability to make detailed permanently georeferenced maps of burial sites during the process of filling plots, and follow up applications can locate areas that might be otherwise unused in a cemetery. Additionally, high frequency GPR has a tremendous ability to image cracks and structural components within monuments, and gravestones.

TeaCo Geophysical is positioned and ready to ……save you money!

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